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Agape  Bakery is located in Hillsboro Oregon. Our goal is to provide the very best tasting baked goods for our customers and for those people with a varitety of food allergies. 

We serve fresh baked goods that are health conscious and delicious. Our desserts are made with only the finest ingredients. All of our breads are freshly baked. At Agape Bakery, freshly baked means baked today. 

Ask about our specialty products for gluten free, dairy free and vegan choices. 

Please call us to set an appointment  for a tasting, snack, or dessert. You can even enjoy our fresh brewed coffee as you enjoy the sweet smell of fresh baked goodness.

Try our homemade specialties!

Ask about special offerings for those with Gluten Intolerance or food allergies!

We do catering! Call for details.

Only the freshest ingredients!

Open by appointment

Agape Bakery
504 NE 18th Ave
Hillsboro, OR
(503) 701-1294

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